Seeing is believing. But this makes for amazing reading.

“My child has rated his experience a 10 every day when we pick him up from camp. We could not have been happier with camp Exploration. My child kept asking to do another session and we ended up doing all three.  We feel very lucky and hope to return to one of your programs next summer.  Thank You!!!”
Cecelia Vollaro & Henry Moore, SFArtsED Summer Camp parents
“The part I love most about the theater is the magic that can happen there.”
— Shanna Williams, SFArtsED Players student
“Attendance is always better on the days that they know they’re having an arts experience. We have youngsters who really were kept in school by the arts program.”
— Marion Grady, Principal, Glen Park Elementary School

“I like the theater because I feel that is where I belong. Feels like since I was born I have been dressing up and getting into character. What can I say, I’m a theater and I love the theater!”
— Jack Gorlin, SFArtsED Players student

“I have been a partner and friend of the San Francisco Arts Education Project (SFArtsED) for almost twenty years, since I was a teacher at Francisco Middle School. These Artists-in-Residence, summer and after-school programs,and more, have transformed arts education in our schools. For our students, it exemplifies joyful learning.”
— William Hack, Principal, Claire Lilienthal K-8 School
“Max was struggling to find himself in school and SFArtsED opened an entire world to him. I don't know of another program in the city that searches out kids in the public schools, exposes them to a disciplined approach to musical theater culminating in highly successful productions while encouraging them to work hard to achieve their aspirations. Working so consistently throughout the school year and in the SFArtsED Summer Camp Broadway Bound and Musical theater program gave him many hours of focused work and practice along with a love of theater. It was an amazing help for Max to go through the SFArtsED program for 5 years. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
— Margaret Barr, Artists-in-Residence and SFArtsED Summer Camp mom

“We have been collaborating with SFArtsED for many years now. Our students love their residents (Artists-in-Residence) who come with a great amount of passion and expertise for their work. We find that the students express wanting more contact time each year with the different residents, coinciding with the the staff and community desiring more and more arts from SFArtsED.”
 — Ron Machado, Principal, Miraloma Elementary School

(On a recent 2009 production at the School of the Arts Alternative High School Technical Theater Program of Pajama Game.)
“What a show! I know you folks are so quick to credit the immense and very real talent of the children you work with, but as an arts educator and a former drama teacher, I have to say that the level of excellence attained could simply not have happened without the sort of strong and unified artistic vision that every adult in your organization brings to the work.
The sweeping sense of balletic movement, level of highly organized detail, the individualized characterization and direction of each performer on the stage combined to produce a really memorable theatrical experience. Your strong work framed the brilliant talent of each one of those kids on that stage in a way that was tremendously powerful, and the sets, costumes and props added to the sweep of the show from start to finish.
 — Susan Stauter, Artistic Director, San Francisco Unified School District

“SFArtsED gives children not only a vastly increased sense of self esteem but also first-hand experience with success—something you cannot get enough of in this life.”
— Joel Selvin, SFArtsED Summer Camp and SFArtsED Players dad

“I really appreciate the work you do, providing a safe learning environment filled with enriching activities.”
 Katherine Young, SFArtsED Summer Camp mom

“Through the resources listed in SFArtsED, Lawton staff, students and families have been able to enhance and enrich all of our educational experiences through exposure to and involvement in integrating the arts into our curriculum.”
Helen Yee Soo Hoo, Arts Coordinator, Lawton Elementary School

“I am a first-grade teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School. My class attends a weekly dance class through SFArtsED. I am compelled to write and give great praise to the teachers who manage this dance class. The artists hold amazing rapport with the students. They demonstrate an obvious mastery of dance, as well as a unique ability to work with the students in a positive, patient way. They engage the class and they greatly enjoy their experience each week. I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge them and applaud their interactions with my first-graders. It makes such a huge difference in their lives to have available to them adults who are  positive, caring, fun role models. Thank you.”
— Rebecca Cavagnaro, First Grade Teacher, Hillcrest Elementary

“My daughter has attended summer camp two years in a row and has found there and in the Players a group of kids and professionals who she loves and connects with.  She has discovered a real passion and dedication to the work of musical theater.”
Rachel Malina, SFArtsED Summer Camp and SFArtsED Players mom

(A letter to Emily Keeler, SFArtsED Artistic Director, from a former student)
“I don't know if you remember me but I worked with you in 1986 & '87 in San Francisco for The Event of the Year, I was also on the Jump Team. I went to Alvarado Elementary School. I lived in  housing projects at the time and the amount of time it took with all the practices and shows the jump team along with my parents kept me from falling into streets.
I remember everything as if it was yesterday. My family moved me to Sacramento, and I graduated from high school out there then received an athletic scholarship to basketball at Chico State. I graduated with a degree in Physical Education and I now run Blue Collar.
You wouldn't imagine what waking up every Saturday for jump team practice and staying after school for practice did for my education and athletic preparation.”
Fred Wilson, 1986-87 The Event of the Year and Jump Team former student
“What started out as a simple search for a summer camp with extended care hours to match my work schedule has turned into one of the most exciting and meaningful things that my son has done. He is committed to participation in the program until the end of middle school and wants to explore and develop his artistic talent in the future as well.  Thank You!!!”
 Debra Salan, SFArtsED Summer Camp mom
“The camp opened up a lot of new avenues for my daughter’s artistic expression. She’s excited to continue in the years to come.”
 Craig Berger, SFArtsED Summer Camp dad
“This has been a great experience for my daughters. That is why we come back again and again.”
Maria Gudmuundsdottir, SFArtsED Summer Camp mom
“My child thoroughly enjoyed the camp! Thank You!”
Stacy Fuchs, SFArtsED Summer Camp mom
“At SFArtsED I felt like I had no troubles! I wish SFArtsED was my everyday classroom.” 
— Mina Bluethenthal, SFArtsED Summer Camp and SFArtsED Players

“Shannon’s spirit has been awakened. He has a greater understanding and appreciation for disipline, commitment and determination.  I thank SFArtsED for the opportunities they have awarded my son to fulfill his heart’s desire.”
— Shaynii Davidson, SFArtsED Players and SFArtsED Summer Camp mom

“Thank you SFArtsED for opening doors for Deionte. His work with the summer programs and the Players provided him with his first experiences with acting, something without a shadow of a doubt that he thoroughly enjoys doing and looks forward to each day and each week.”
— Cheri Coates, SFArtsED Summer Camp, SFArtsED Players and Artists-in-Residence mom

“SFArtsED’s summer is a magical, creative and exciting place. It is a place our whole family feels blessed to have found.  It is like no other young performer’s environment I have ever seen.”
— Tracy Heffernan, SFArtsED Summer Camp mom

“SFArtsED camp offers an exciting and rigorous arts education. The performance that they gave at the end of the two week camp session was very impressive: surprisingly polished and professional. My daughter had the time of her life.”
 — Tyrell O'Neil, SFArtsED Summer Camp mom