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For  students who want to take that next step into the world of visual arts and fashion design, the San Francisco Arts Education Project introduces Art & Design, an evolving visual arts and design intensive that immerses students in the world of 2-D and 3-D visual arts and fashion design.

Programs include   a fully scholarshipped after-school program for high-school students led by Agelio and Delia Batle and classes and Saturday workshops at SFArtsED's Minnesota Street Project space as well as adult-child daytime classes for 3-5-year-olds and their favorite adult.


Fashion design is much more than the clothes – it’s about the process of craft using textiles as a medium. Students engage in this process with basic sewing, fabric manipulation techniques and textile development such as knitting, weaving and surface design. Students are encouraged to view fashion design as a culturally significant subject and a fun vehicle for self-expression. Classes offer a hands-on way to learn and utilize the fundamentals of design and investigate how the worlds of art and design intermingle.

For the current schedule of classes offered at SFArtsED's Minnesota Street Project space, click here.


Painting, drawing, sculpting, spray painting, de-constructing, re-constructing – you name it, these artists are doing it. While learning and honing skills is important, the essential component here is full-bore creativity. Artists experience full freedom of expression while working alongside an artist (and peers) who can help guide the process and provide important feedback.


Interdisciplinary Arts Program

The Interdisciplinary Arts Program is a fully scholarshipped visual arts intensive for six high-school students taught by renowned San Francisco artists Agelio Batle and Delia Batle, in the Batle Studio.

The program has been designed to develop
  • technique – with some instruction to strengthen basic drawing along with basic skills in collage and 3-D fabrication. Students will also be taught to make and think in sculptural terms using primarily found material.
  • artistic voice – skills will be applied to artworks that explore the idea of “self,” personal interests and personal history. Among other tools, students will use the website Pinterest as a way of collecting images that excite them.
  • creative thinking – students will be given a variety of free association exercises to help expand creative thinking, or, as Agelio calls it, sideways thinking. Students will be encouraged to address questions that have no correct or incorrect answer but rather lead to a searching, mind-opening thought process leading to unique solutions.
Students will participate in discussions about contemporary art and artists, with regard to content, form and technical skill. Building the aesthetic thinker is vital to the art process, with thought an important preliminary skill before beginning hands-on work in the applied arts.

They will also develop their own body of work, based on their own interests to develop a portfolio, which can be used to apply to art programs in art colleges or universities (past IA students have been accepted, often with scholarship offers, to schools including UCLA Art & Architecture, School of Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design and many more). The IA program culminates with an end-of-year exhibition in May and June.
Check out some of the work from past IAP exhibitions:

By joining forces with the San Francisco Arts Education Project, Agelio and Delia Batle aim to establish Interdisciplinary Arts as the premiere visual arts training program for young artists in San Francisco. In addition to mentoring two SFArtsED artist teachers and holding a master class for all of SFArtsED’s visual artists, the Batles and SFArtsED would like to see the program expand to include middle school students and more artist teacher training. 

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The 2017 Interdisciplinary Arts student show is Skin Deep, running Saturday, June 3 through Saturday, July 29 at SFAtsED's Minnesota Street Project gallery. Opening reception is 1-4pm on Saturday, June 3.

Appearances aside, behind, inverted and twisted reveal new layers. Marked by a three-dimensional reconfiguring of larger-than-life photographs, the students of San Francisco Arts Education Project's Interdisciplinary Arts gave themselves a collage-like makeover that challenges attempts to define them from the outside.

This year's artists: Bella Fernandez, Marina Kyle, Jasmine Liang, Janet Lin Kyra Monterrosa and Kristin Tan.
Teaching Artists: Agelio and Delia Batle.

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