Who We Are section

Who are we?
We are artists, administrators and volunteers.

We are public: present in over 20 San Francisco schools, bringing art into classrooms, summer camps and after-school/weekend programs.

We are people who believe passionately and intellectually that creativity and art introduced to kids — at decisive years — affects them in vibrant, practical ways for the rest of their lives.

We are observers who have seen first hand exactly how kids respond when they take ownership of their unique intellectual curiosities. We see children expressing positively without fear. We see youngsters enormously proud of things they’ve tried and accomplished. We glimpse the excitement of creating, interacting, and jump-for-joy moments when kids have an opportunity to share their newfound talents with their friends and families

We are very lucky people.

Here's a quick overview of the San Francisco Arts Education Project.

KQED Arts profiled the San Francisco Arts Education Project. Listen to the radio broadcast or view the story online.


Watch this short clip from "Bay Sunday" featuring SFArtsED Artistic Director Emily Keeler and SFArtsED alumna Cria Merchant as they provide an overview of SFArtsED programs.