SFUSD schools served

Alamo Elementary School
Ms. Rosa Fong, Principal
Argonne Elementary School
Ms. Cami Okubo, Principal
Bret Harte Elementary School
Mr. Jeremy Hillinski, Principal

Cesar Chavez Elementary School
Ms. Catalina Rico, Principal

Claire Lilienthal Elementary School
Mr. William Hack, Principal
Commodore Sloat Elementary School
Mr. Richard Gregory John, Principal

Daniel Webster Elementary School
Ms. Moraima Machado, Principal 

Glen Park Elementary School
Ms. Jean Robertson, Principal

Gordon Lau Elementary School
Mr. Dennis Chew, Principal

Guadalupe Elementary School
Ms. Edith Jordan-McCormick, Principal

Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy
Ms. Ruby Brown, Principal

Hillcrest Elementary School
Ms. Katerina Palomares, Principal

Lawton Elementary School
Ms. Gina Ferrante, Principal 

McKinley Elementary School
Ms. Michelle Sousa, Principal
Miraloma Elementary School

Mr. Sam Bass, Principal
Rooftop Elementary School
Mr. Jeff Slater, Principal
Sunset Elementary School

Ms. Sophie Lee, Principal
Visitacion Valley Elementary School
Mr. Johnnie Spearmon, Principal

Community Centers served

Recess Community Center
Kristin Jamieson & Lisa Nowell, Co-founders


Who We Are section

Schools as active as beehives.

The San Francisco Unified School district (SFUSD) opened the very first public schools in California in 1851. Seems obvious that when it comes to educating Californians they’re way ahead of the game. Which explains the District’s keen interest in our participatory and active arts education programs when we entered the scene in 1965.

Today, our Artists-in-Residence are assigned to more than 20 San Francisco public schools, working within State and District arts education standards. Artists-in-Residence not only give continuity to learning every day of the school year but also bring out our city’s kids in matters of self esteem, social abilities and positive, beautiful self-expression. You’ll see us in every corner of San Francisco’s fascinating neighborhoods.

Very important to note: all of the participating schools share our mission not just to experience art first hand, but also to capture this powerful, creative engine for success in life. 

All public schools associated with SFArtsED make a commitment to sequential and outcome-based arts instruction. From a single elementary school over 40 years ago, we now teach in one-third of all K-12 public schools today, engaging more than 7,500 kids last year alone!