Apply virtually, teach experientially.

To future SFArtsED Artists, SFArtsED Players and SFArtsED Summer Artists:

Please send your resumés now to Include a cover letter and a brief bio as well as examples of professional work and work completed with students and a sample project proposal. We interview all year for upcoming positions and often hold audition classes both throughout the school year and during Summer Camp to observe your unique talents and creative methodologies in active classroom settings.

We welcome your interest and hope that you take advantage of all this website has to offer to tell you our story and reinforce our mission. You’ll be able to investigate the many programs in which you might want to join participatory arts learning. Thanks for your interest!


So how does it work? Details, please?

Artist residencies in public schools (K-5th grade), SFArtsED Players Artists, After-School Artist Teachers and teachers at SFArtsED Summer are paid as independent contractors. Payment in the school year is once per month — Artists must submit invoices for payment. SFArtsED Summer Artists are paid every two weeks. The rate of pay increases as Artists work with the organization. Outside of contracted hours, Artists also may be compensated for time spent for performances and exhibitions. We ask new Artists to shadow veteran Artists in the summer at our camps or during the fall in the school year. We may also ask Artists to “audition” teach in classes at schools or in the summer.

Artists are sought most often for residencies ranging from six weeks to the full school year depending on school needs. Schedules are set in the summer or the early fall.

We begin Artist staffing for our musical troupe, SFArtsED Players in September. We hire Artists for those rehearsals and classes taking place on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

We look for Artists for SFArtsED Summer Camp in the spring in anticipation of the coming season.